liekomgwtfnowai?!? (bed_of_roses101) wrote in model_lims,


Okay, I know you're all hoping to get through this first challenge some time in the next century...but I don't have nearly enough votes to make an elimination fair. Once I get a sufficient amount of votes, I'll let you all know, and close the voting.

So go VOTE here if you haven't done so already, and encourage everyone else you know to do so (without telling them which icon is yours) and everyone will be happy!

Tags: voting extension
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are we still really short on votes? its been weeks...
since you haven't been updating the community, i was wondering if you still wanna run it?

i'm interesting in being co-mod and we could do lots of pimping and get the comm up and running again :D.

I would love to give the community a try again! The main problem was that I wasn't getting enough votes, but if I have someone to help me out with pimping and promoting that could be fixed.

I think it'd probably be best to start the contest over, so we'd have to have new sign ups.

If you're still interested, I'll make you co-mod. :D
yup :D. we'll pimp and restart when we have 15-20 people. :D and you can post the nxt challenge.
I'm giving you mod privelages right now. :p
i'll update the userinfo and post the signup sheet. then i'll pimp at the comms i mod at and icontest promo
scratch that. i thought i could change the profile but i cant. no worries :D.
Oh, I added you as a maintainer now, which is what I meant to do in the first place. You should be able to do anything now. :D