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Model LIMS >>> last icon maker standing

on the catwalk, yeah!

Model LIMS >>> strike a pose
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So...what is LIMS anyway?
LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. This community was inspired by ultimate_lims, which was inspired by disney_hush, the community that started it all. I'm also borrowing some ideas from various other lims communities.

Then what is this LIMS all about?
This particular LIMS community happens to follow the theme of models. All challenges will feature a model of some sort. The subjects will vary from male to female, fashion and artsy, innocent and sex-driven. So yes, that means there may be a challenge including nudity or sexual behavior. But there may not be. Sign up at your own discretion if you might be offended by that sort of thing. Also, this is for all kinds and levels of icon makers.

Are there rules?
Of course there are rules, my darlings. There just has to be rules for there to be order.

1. You must sign up on the list in order to participate at all. No exceptions. You have until ??? to sign up, or until I can get 20 people. The deadline may be changed depending on how many sign up.
2. You have to enter all the challenges until you're eliminated, unless using a bye.
3. Your entry must remain unseen by anyone but yourself until voting has passed. The idea is to vote for the icon, not the iconmaker.
4. You must follow the rules given with each challenge. Most often you'll be given an image and that image will be the only one you will be allowed to use.
5. You will automatically be allowed one bye, and can get a second by advertising the community.
5. The schedule will go like this: (most of the time)
Sunday - Challenge goes up
Friday - Challenge ends; entries are due; voting goes up
Sunday - Voting ends; results are given; new challenge goes up
6. For each challenge you will be voting for the worst icon, and for one favorite.
7. Include the phrase 'glitter revolution' in the subject line when signing up.
8. One, or possibly two, icons will be eliminated each week. There will also be a People's Choice and Mod's Choice.
9. If you can't take criticism or losing, this isn't for you.
10. I will be willing to show you your critics and/or compliments after each challenge. Simply reply with your icon's number.

Anything else?
I highly suggest that you join and friend the community once I've added you to the list of participants. I am currently undecided as to what the winner will win, but I'm sure it will be something fabulous. The runners up will recieve something as well.



If you want to affiliate, comment here!

your mod & maintainer,

Valerie bed_of_roses101/brandnewflavor